Whole Alternatives Rolling out Individual Serve Microwaveable Cup Program

Whole Alternatives, a leading co-packing Private Label producer of Organic and Natural Food products, has announced today, that it is introducing a complete line of Microwaveable cups featuring Macaroni & Cheese under several different formats that will be attractive to wholesalers, retailers and distributors looking to offer Private Label products in this unique format.

The company can also co-pack cereal, oatmeal, and dry soups into individual serve cups.

Del Thacker, COO of the Louisville, KY based company sees tremendous growth in this packing substrate and that spells profits and value to our customers.

“We have shown our Macaroni and Cheese product in the Micro Cup at various trade shows over the past several months, and the acceptance by the trade has been super. We’re really excited about where this can go,” Thacker said.

“Whole Alternatives continues to offer great flexibility in our packaging that allows the trade unique ways of merchandising our many products. We can offer the Micro Cups in singles or multi packs to compete direct with the National Brand while stressing the value that private label brings versus national brand pricing,” Thacker added.

For information on any of these products and how they can work for you, please contact sales at 877-792-1221.

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